apps_imageThe South West eLearning website has been formed to help provide a one-stop information source for NHS staff accessing, setting up or about to set up eLearning in their area.

MindEd – the eLearning portal for anybody working with children and young people’s mental health issues

MindEd provides simple, clear guidance on children and young people’s mental health, wellbeing and development to any adult working with children, young people and families, to help them support the development of young healthy minds. MindEd content is free, open access online education available on tablets, phones or computers – bite sized chunks of ‘eLearning’ – to help adults to support wellbeing and identify, understand and support children and young people with mental health issues. In addition MindEd also provides a state of the art evidence based review of e-therapies.

eLearning for End of Life Care Supporting Documents

Parents  against child  exploitation (PACE)

Free online package for parents launched in partnership with Virtual College equips parents to recognise the signs and act – https://safeguardingchildren.vc-tms.co.uk/selfregistration.aspx?version=9679

First Steps for Health Care Assistants

The Royal College of Nursing have an online learning programme, endorsed by Skills for Health, for new to post health care assistants. It is freely available to individuals or to employers who may wish to use the learning to support their induction programme.

A Competence Assessment Pack is included and contains the elements required to safely perform core duties associated with the health care assistant role. The competence checklists have been developed from a wide range of Level 2 National Occupational Standards (NOS). The checklists can be printed off separately or as a pack.

The online learning can be accessed at: www.rcnhca.org.uk

The Royal College of GPs has created an eLearning course – Commissioning in General Practice: Improving Patient Journeys. It enables GPs, trainees, primary care nurses and other healthcare professionals to help their patients navigate effectively through the healthcare system, increase the quality of referrals, and start to improve the pathways of care in their local area. To access the course, click here

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