Library and Knowledge Services

There are 16 NHS library services in the South West, providing professional expertise and a range of resources.  These high quality services support clinical decision making, professional updating and educational development to underpin excellent patient care.  Details of your nearest library can be found by carrying out a search of the Health Libraries and Information Services Directory.

You can also access NHS electronic resources such as electronic journals, e-books and databases directly through the SWICE portal with your Athens login.

South West Regional Library and Information Network

SWRLIN exists to facilitate co-operative working between member libraries in the areas of technology, training, sharing of resources, and of expertise.  Members comprise the NHS libraries in the South West area.  Affiliated members include other health libraries in this geographical area.

SWRLIN is supported by the library and knowledge staff of Health Education South West based at its offices in Taunton and Bristol and has a Terms of Reference.  For further supporting information, use the links on the right.

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